Help Fund the Fight for Fair Redistricting in California 

Every 10 years the so-called “independent” Redistricting Commission must revise district lines for Congress and the state legislature. 

A bad redistricting map would not only cement into place the Democrats Super-Majority in Sacramento for a DECADE but it could have national implications and keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House for another term! 

The Commission has scheduled a series of hearings in the next 6 weeks and we MUST have a strategy to push back and get fair district lines! 

We did not anticipate needing to fund this effort – and need immediate funding for two data analysts we’ve retained (to draw fair maps), political operatives (to organize community feedback) and lawyers (to file objections under Voting Rights Act) to the Democrats’ map at the upcoming hearings! 

Please contribute whatever you can today to the fight for fair redistricting maps!!

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