Help Fund the Campaign to Suspend the CA Gas Taxes 

The price of gas is now a record-breaking $5.18 per gallon statewide in California! Working families are getting CRUSHED! 

We need immediate funding to wage our grassroots pressure campaign demanding that Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state legislature use their emergency powers (remember those from Covid?) to immediately suspend the $1.11 to $1.26 in state taxes that are spiking the cost of gas in California! 

By suspending these costly taxes on gas, the average California family will save over $215 per month immediately! 

One HUGE side benefit of this grassroots ad campaign is to educate voters on who they really should blame for California’s high gas prices: our state’s liberal politicians! 

Public pressure HAS worked in the past – even in crazy California! So please contribute whatever you can TODAY!

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