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Want to show your support to repeal the Gas Tax in California? Get your swag here – and help get word to vote Yes on 6 to repeal the Gas Tax in November!

Gas Pump Stickers

The best place for us to reach voters with our campaign message is when they are at the gas station pumping their gas and noticing the high costs! That’s why we are printing special Gas Pump Stickers (3 x 6 inches) to put one on each pump at your local stations! We must ask for permission of the gas station manager before placing stickers on the pumps.  

Make a contribution and we’ll mail you your stickers! 


If you can't contribute or would like a larger quantity than what's available here, please email us or call 619-786-8019.

$15 - 10 stickers
$35 - 30 stickers
$50 - 70 stickers
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